bravado seamless nursing braBecoming a parent is a huge step, prior to parenthood there are key points you don’t expect.  Here we’ll run you though items that let you know for sure you’re well into your role as a parent.

Going to the toilet alone – this doesn’t happen,  ever.  Unless they’re asleep, you’re more than likely to have a small person watching, “helping” or asking you rather awkward questions at that precise time.  This lasts a while so it’s worth getting used to!Questions, constantly – this aids learning, so is very vital to their brain.  It can, however, get very frustrating when it’s the same question continually.  We’ve found asking them the same question can prevent that and leads onto a different question for you to answer.  Deep breaths – it’s worth it.

Walking anywhere with a toddler can take a while – plan ahead and allow extra time.  Everything is exciting and new. Puddles/ trees/ leaves are all fun to look at/ play with. Go with the flow – It’s nature’s playground after all.

Your home will become filled with baby items – no matter how little you intend to buy, you’ll find your home soon becomes a toy store. Invest in toy storage as it will just pile up throughout their years.
Your friend circle can change – you’ll find your previous friends can drift apart unless you make extra effort to keep in contact. Having a baby can be consuming and friends can get left behind unintentionally. Let your friends know how busy you are and try to make a date for coffee.
Date nights can reintroduce your spark – after children come along, your spontaneity can diminish rapidly.  Make time for each other, have dinner together when kids are asleep. Enjoy each others company again, keep at it and don’t take each other for granted.
Have you noticed any of these true for you since you Introduced children into your lives? What was the moment you really knew you were a parent?

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