It’s not because we don’t understand that you’ve always worn wired bras and know nothing different. It’s not because we want you to feel unsupported during pregnancy. And it’s certainly not because, “that’s what we did in our day”.

Your body changes as soon as you conceive your baby. Some of you will have noticed changes immediately, others it takes longer. Your body starts to prepare for your baby over the whole nine months. To start with, your breasts grow and you may notice your nipples alter colour and size. As you start to reach the end of your first trimester, your ribs start to grow to allow space for your baby to get bigger.

anita underwired maternity bra
Anita 5035 underwired bra

Underwired bras often use quite a firm wire to give the bra good support and shape. This will be quite rigid, and will be unable to adapt to your changing body shape and size. You will find that the wires start to dig into your breast tissue and may cause discomfort, or even blocked ducts – yes, even during pregnancy this is possible!

So, when a bra fitter tells you that they advise you to wear soft cup bras during pregnancy, it’s usually because this will save you money, (not buying new size underwired bras every few weeks). It’s also to keep you comfy and your breasts safe from harm.

Having said that, there are some great underwired bras for wearing during pregnancy, which uses specially designed softer wires, which stretch with your changing shape. They may not suit everyone, and with a great variety of supportive, pretty and sexy maternity bras out there, you may not need wires to keep you smiling during pregnancy!

If you have any questions or concerns about underwired bras for pregnancy, please ask our Bra Lady team.

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