This question of bra fitting for maternity bras is one of the most frequently asked questions. For starters, we’re talking about bras for pregnancy here. We’ll deal with nursing bras, for breastfeeding another day.

As soon as you discover you’re pregnant, you’ll probably notice a change in your breasts. For some ladies, this change is what first alerts them to the fact that they may be pregnant! Breasts can be tender, tingly, sore and they can feel bigger from the very early stages of pregnancy.

Anita maternity bra
Anita maternity bra

We recommend you get a comfy bra for this very early stage, particularly if you have sore breasts. Something like the Anita maternity bra, or Emma Jane maternity bra are ideal at this time. For larger breasted ladies, the Bravado Custom nursing bra is an ideal solution at this time.

You may find that wearing a bra at night helps with the tenderness, but we’re all different. What works for your sister or friend may not work for you!

Your first bra fitting for bras for your pregnancy should be towards the end of your first trimester. This can be from week 10 – 14. Once you’re breasts are falling out of your existing bra cups is a good indication! Anything pressing on your breast tissue can cause discomfort and blocked ducts, even at this early stage! At this stage, depending on your height, the bras you get should last you until the end of your pregnancy.

bra fitting on tightest hookWhen you try bras on at end of the first trimester, make sure they’re fitting firmly when fitted on their tightest setting i.e. you can’t see any other hooks on the back of the bra. This way, the bra will last you during your pregnancy when your ribs grow during the rest of your pregnancy.

The only time this doesn’t always work, is if you’re on the shorter side! Your ribs will grow more than a taller lady during your pregnancy. You may be able to get away with using bra extenders, but as you can see from this photo, a bra extender may make the bra too wide for your shoulders & a new size bra may be the best option for you.

You can choose any bras that are comfy and support your whole breast. These can be Lorna Drew alexa nursing brawith or without nursing clips as they don’t show through clothing and you have more choice from suppliers like Lorna Drew, Freya, Bravado and HOTmilk. You may notice that one breast is bigger than the other – this is totally normal, and is often a more noticeable difference during pregnancy.

Underwires or no wires?We suggest you avoid bras with wires in during your pregnancy, mainly for comfort, but mainly because they can be very structured and not flexible enough to move around your growing breasts and body. If you do want to wear wired bras, then we’d suggest the Anita underwired bras as they use more flexible wires and the fabric is more suitable for pregnancy.

If all goes well, your maternity bras will last until 35-36 weeks when it’ll be time to get your nursing bras fitted. This way, you get the best value out of all your bras during your pregancy and breastfeeding. We’ll cover nursing bra fitting another day.

We hope this helps give an overview of when to get fitted for your maternity bras during your pregnancy. We’re here to help answer your queries, and offer personal advice by phone, email, skype, twitter or Facebook – whichever suits you! In some areas of the country, the Bra Lady team offer a home bra fitting service, or hold clinics at local groups.


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