Nursing bras are bras made with nursing clips to make breastfeeding your baby easy and comfortable.

Most nursing bras use a simple nursing clip which you can unfasten one-handed, (with practice!), and sit flat against the body, so can also be worn during pregnancy.

If you’re comfortable in your bras during pregnancy, you may be best to leave buying a nursing bra when you’re about 35-36 weeks pregnant. This is when your ribs are at their biggest, and as bra fitters, we know that your ribs will get smaller and your breasts will increase in size when baby is born.

It’s also the time when most pregnant women are getting everything ready for the birth, and from 37 weeks baby appearing at any time is a possibility! If you leave buying your nursing bra until after baby is born, then you’ll either be sending someone else out to buy something, or, you’ll have your newborn with you and it may not be the easiest experience to get fitted for a bra!

At 36 weeks, there is often a gap between breasts and bump, so the bra fitter can ensure the bra is fitting firmly around your rib cage, and ensure that, with knowledge of your pre-pregnancy bra size, this important part of the bra fitting is done correctly. A lot of the nursing bra styles have 6 hooks across the band, so that you know you’ll still have space to make the bra smaller when baby is born. The alternative is a bra extender, which will ensure you don’t buy a bra that is too big in 2 weeks time!

So, get your bra fitting booked in your diary for about 35-36 weeks. bras4mums can help by phone, email, twitter or Google+ our new Google hangout chats every Tuesday 10.30am. Use our video guide to help get the fitting right before baby is born:

The bras you buy now will be great for the first 12 weeks-ish of breastfeeding. At this stage your breasts will change again, so we advise a new fitting at this stage for the next 6 months of breastfeeding.

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