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I’m Danni and I blog over on itstartedwithasquish.com. I started blogging a couple of years ago as a bit of a hobby when my son (AKA Squish) was about 2 years old, although I must admit it’s now become more of a religion (in a good way!).
Just a couple of months ago we welcomed into the world my dinky little daughter Eleanor which is why my blog may have been a bit quieter than usual recently. I’ve had such a different experience with my second baby, mainly through blogging I have found I am more well informed and level headed. I had goals this time around and one of those goals was to breastfeed. I was in a lot of pain when I tried to breastfeed Squish and with the shock of becoming a first time mum sinking me into a darker place I made the decision to give up fairly early. I promised myself that this time I would do everything within my power to make things different and I am happy to say I’m now 8 weeks on and still breastfeeding. Not that it has been at all easy… (my journey has been well documented on my blog if you want to have a read!).
As I have breastfed longer this time I’ve grown to appreciate the importance of having a well fitting bra. They are worn around the clock when you’re breastfeeding, so I realise how important it is to have ones that fit properly and allow a good level of support whilst still being comfortable.This is where Bras4mums have helped me as I hadn’t a clue about how they should fit… nor did I know at what points I needed remeasuring. These things are best left to the experts in my opinion and the bonus for me was that she was able to come to my home.
I will soon be blogging about the experience very soon, I promise!…. so watch this space!
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