image_1 imageI am 19 weeks pregnant. The next time I write my pregnancy diary, I will be 20 weeks and we will know whether ‘Baba’ is pink or blue.

We never found out with Thomas so this is a whole new experience for us. We are finding out mostly for logistical reasons. If I have another boy, then I will not need anymore clothes. If it is a girl, I will start selling some of Thomas’ clothes and stuff we no longer need. Thomas has more clothes than Stuart and I put together. As we did not know with Thomas, everything from the early days is mostly neutral anyway. I would like a girl this time so I have one of each but I really do not mind too be honest. As long as they are healthy and happy, then I am happy too.

I am finally getting somewhere with my knee ligament problem. My work have agreed to pay for physiotherapy for me so I do not have to wait for my local NHS to get something sorted. One of the benefits of working at a university is that we have sports physiotherapists on site. The problem with my local NHS seemed to be that there is a backlog on the waiting list for physiotherapy and as I am pregnant and my condition is classed as ‘temporary’ (despite having problem for two years) I am at the back of the queue. I might get seen by the time ‘Baba’ is 6 months old!!!

Thomas is still being great about my pregnancy. He seems to understand that I need a rest occasionally and will leave me lying on the sofa. He cuddled me the other night and stroked my bump and said ‘aah’. He does sometimes prod and poke the bump though so we do have to remind him occasionally. I can’t wait until ‘Baba’ is bigger and Thomas can feel the kicking back. My henna from a couple of weeks is faded but is still going reasonably strong. I cannot wait to have another one soon.

I have had a phone bra fitting consultation with TJ and she was bang on with my measurements again. She has sent me a fabulous bra to review (to come soon). It has a tiny bit of underwire in it and feels more my normal bras that I wear when not pregnant or breastfeeding. I love it. Stay tuned for more about the bra as I wear it lots more and my bump gets bigger.

What do you think? Will it be a boy or a girl? 

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