Hi, Its Jo again back with another update. I cannot believe I am 17 weeks pregnant already. Where is the time going?

baba 16 weeks pregnantOne ailment that has come back to haunt me from my pregnancy with Thomas is weakened knee ligaments. My knees hurt if I stay in any position too long (sitting, standing, lying down, driving etc.) and will lock in place. My knees are also hurting if I walk too far or just generally do too much.


This affected me near the end of my previous pregnancy but due to having placenta previa and having unexplained bleed, this problem was largely ignored by myself which I am regretting now.

Since having Thomas I have not been able to kneel for longer than 30 seconds so I think I have some underlying knee problem that has been made worse by pregnancy and needs investigating. I am worried as to how the problem will affect me as my bump gets bigger. My midwife said I might end up on crunches that I really do not want to happen. I have been referred to my local hospital for physiotherapy and have been to see the occupational therapist at work too.

On a more positive note, I have felt the baby moving since I was 10 weeks pregnant and the movements are starting to get slightly stronger now. The baby particularly enjoyed my pregnancy yoga session on Tuesday night. We both had a good workout! I loved yoga last time when I was pregnant and have really benefitted from starting it earlier on this time.

Jo henna 16 weeksOn Saturday, I had my first henna belly from my friend Manie. It was really relaxing. I nearly fell asleep while she was doing it. I am planning on having them monthly from now on as not only are they gorgeous designs but henna can also reduce the appearance of stretch marks and it helps with bonding with the baby too. The henna has faded slightly but is still going strong as of Wednesday. It will last about a week depending on how often I get it wet.

I am looking forward to phone bra fitting sometime this week from TJ, owner of Bras 4 Mums. She measured me last time over the phone and got the size perfectly right. I cannot wait to have some lovely new perfect size bras in my collection.

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