Time is flying, I can’t believe I have made it to 19 weeks and am so close to the 20 week scan! I have a mixture of excitement and nerves over the scan, will everything be ok? Should we try to find out if it’s a boy or a girl – how will we feel either way? Having already had two boys the thought of a possibly having girl is both exciting and terrifying at the same time!!
 So, I’m trying to concentrate on the positive fact that I’ve got to 19 weeks fairly easily, yes there has been the odd blip, a bleed, a consultant appointment, iron tablets (which are horrid by the way..) but generally with the exception of the horrid cold I’m still trying to shake I’m well, if I could just relax I would be enjoying pregnancy! I’m trying to focus on keeping relaxed and trying not to worry about pregnancy or day to day things like..bills! For the last week I’ve been taking an hour each evening just for myself, where I will read, listen to my favourite music or simply soak in a bubble bath, I think it’s helping – I certainly look forward to the hour to myself!
 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI’m in my maternity wardrobe well and truly, the bump is big already and I discovered yesterday that I am seriously off balance..trying to stand on one leg to tie a shoe lace whilst pregnant is not the best idea.. thankfully I did not actually fall over, though that was more by luck than judgement!! I’ve treated myself to a new maternity jumper which I’m excitedly waiting for the postman to deliver, and although you could argue a cream lace decorated jumper with a chocolate mad 3 year old in the house is not the most sensible option I could have chosen, I am really excited as it’ll look fabulous with my maternity jeans! It’s all about the simple pleasures 🙂
Vita x

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