Mama to 2 little ones with a new baby on the way. Just reaching the 3rd trimester discusses the mounting things she needs to do and the the pregnancy symptoms she is starting to suffer from.

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Huge excitement this morning after a night of horrible heartburn and reflux, I realised I had made it into the third trimester! This feels like a huge milestone, and I’m part delighted, part terrified to be 26 weeks pregnant!! Suddenly I realise I am going to need to start thinking about buying some things for baby, you’d think as this is going to be baby number 3 I’d easily decide on where baby should sleep, but suddenly I find myself indecisive between Moses basket and crib! Still, by the time baby arrives I’m sure I will have made up my mind..(I hope!). I’ve recovered the breast pump from the baby stuff I’d put away, but I confess I’ve already found myself looking at it with some confusion and struggling to remember how to put it all together..I think I need to re-read the manual! 

As I’ve already explained, I am suffering with reflux and heartburn, I’ve also been told to increase the dose of my iron tablets, so I think between now and the end of pregnancy I will be found armed with a hip flask full of Gaviscon and a bag of spinach to help my iron levels! The best thing my midwife said to me at the last appointment was “dark chocolate is great for low iron levels..” I don’t know whether she was just saying that but I’m not going to check if she was joking as who needs a better excuse for eating chocolate (and I do love plain chocolate!). Other pregnancy woes include waking up at 2am with sore hips and then rolling from side to side trying to get comfortable! I do find keeping as mobile as I can during the day does help a little – though then i find I’m really stiff in the morning and struggle to get out of bed!

Physically my bump is now obvious to anyone, and people have started to ask when baby is due – not sure if they think I suddenly look huge or just suddenly look pregnant?! My breasts have changed hugely, they’re darker in colour, with prominent nipples and are very full, I think I might be giving Dolly Parton a run for her money when the milk comes in after baby arrives! I’ve been picking T-J @bras4mums brains to ensure I’m wearing the right sized bra and also the right style for me, and suddenly realising that it isn’t as simple as just picking out a maternity bra off the rail! Different styles/fabrics of bras do suit me better than others, and writing it sounds so obvious I’m cringing but without someone to help me decide which works I have been (in honesty) wearing completely the wrong bras, but it’s OK we’re rectifying that!

Vita x

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