Pregnancy lasts a full 9 months (hopefully) for us ladies, our expanding bellies can cause a whole host of bother, swollen ankles, aches and pains, piles (sorry, but it’s inevitable) and heartburn to name a few.

There are a few tips that can ease your baby bearing days, as we know it can be a very long 9 months!

Take pictures of your expanding tum – We know you may not feel your svelte best, but believe us when we say, you will regret not having pictures of your pregnant belly. Why not stand in the same spot and hold a sign with how many weeks/months you are. It’s amazing looking back and seeing the development.

Each iron rich food, keep yourself and your baby healthy. You really are what you eat these days. More spinach and less chocolate (sorry ladies) the saying “eating for two” doesn’t apply when it comes to the unnecessary treats – some are compulsory of course.

Put your feet up occasionally – slow down! You’ll wear yourself out and it really isn’t good for either of you. You may have to remind yourself to take it easy, but it really is advisable.

Have snacks with you at all times – Eating little and often can really take the edge off morning sickness and nausea. A breakfast bar in your bag is a must, as is a bottle of water.

Try to go for a wee before you go out – even if you think you don’t need to go, it’s more than likely you will as soon as you go anywhere. Your bladder becomes your worst enemy as it shrinks as your belly expands.

Most of all, enjoy it. It doesn’t last forever and soon enough you’ll be run off your feet with nappies, sick and tears. It’s worth every second of discomfort and sleepless nights.


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