Jo is now 22 weeks and 5 days pregnant and we love to catch up on what’s happening with her pregnancy. It is nice to read how changes go throughout. Here we catch up with Jo!

image_1 imageI cannot believe how fast time is going.

Sorry I have not updated you in the last couple of weeks. Life has been a bit crazy. My husband went into hospital for a few days with kidney stones so I had to look after Thomas on my own. It was a very hard few days and very exhausting for me.

When I pregnant with Thomas between 19 and 26 weeks, I felt amazing. I am still waiting to get to the happy second trimester stage and unsure at the moment as to whether I will ever see it this time round. I have been signed off work this week due to exhaustion and have had a blood test to check my iron levels and renal system. I know pregnancy is tiring but I have never had this feeling before. I literally cannot get my head off the pillow in a morning and after any small job I have to sit down and rest. I really do not feel like myself at the moment at all.

On more positive note, the physio I am receiving privately from work is starting to show benefits. My legs are starting to feel a bit better however it will be long process to fully recover. After three months of waiting, I finally have an NHS physio appointment at the end of the month which will hopefully rectify my knee problem even more as I am only allowed a certain number of physio sessions from work.

The bra from Bras 4 Mums is still working out well. It washes well and fits perfectly and it is unlike, any other maternity bra I have tried. I love it. I will do a full review soon but needless to say, I highly recommend it.

This week, Thomas has been doing some research as to what being a big brother is all about. He has also been more interested in seeing babies when we go out and about. I am trying to keep the activities that we do as normal but I am struggling due to the exhaustion. I really do not want Thomas to miss out though as loves seeing people and doing new things.

That is it for this week. I will hopefully be back soon with a more positive update!

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