Vita is a 33 year old, self-employed mother of two boys aged 5 & 2. With a love of shoes and handbags but she’s not afraid of getting muddy either! She enjoys swimming, sailing and anything which involves getting out of doors! She blogs at! My friends call me Vita, I’m 33 and I’m pregnant with my third child! I have two sons already aged 5 and 3, and they’re both excited at the idea of being big brothers although I know that might change when baby finally arrives! I’m 14 weeks pregnant, due in August 2014! The first trimester has been bumpy, I had an early scan at 6 weeks as I had an ectopic pregnancy last year resulting one of my tubes being removed, and then I bled at 9 weeks so had to go back for another scan just to check everything was ok, so getting to 12 week scan was quite momentous!

I felt hideous for most of the first trimester suffering with nausea, headaches and general exhaustion. Thankfully although I’m still very much “off” certain foods, the nausea has eased and the exhaustion is mostly manageable – especially as I have found adopting a 9pm bedtime works wonders! Now I’m 14 weeks I’m finally beginning to believe I am pregnant (yes even the scans didn’t convince me!), although I am still in the feeling like I’ve just gained weight rather than pregnant stage! Yesterday I gave in and put on a pair of maternity trousers, but they were so much more comfortable than my too tight round the middle normal trousers! I think I shall have to admit that my pre-pregnancy trousers may have to be resigned to the wardrobe for a while!

At the moment my pregnancy must haves are: fruit in jelly (I’m craving this!), peppermint cordial (it’s great for trapped wind..!) and some tummy rub (great for bonding with your bump!) – although I’ve not found one that I love yet!


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