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During pregnancy your body goes through such a drastic change, it may not seem such a big deal, however, the reality is – you’ve created and are growing a human being, see what we mean?  There are so many tips and advice thrown around, we’re sure you’ve been inundated with advice, but here’s our own experiences and findings we wanted to share.

  1. Take in what you think is useful, ignore what you don’t need. Advice comes from many well-wishers during pregnancy, from random old ladies in the street (don’t be afraid when it happens because it will). They mean well and genuinely want to help, so try not to be too stand offish, smile and nod, thank them for their advice. You don’t have to use it after all, although you may find a fantastic tip somewhere within the ramblings.
  2. No 2 pregnancies are the same, what happened to one person will not be identical to yours, so try not to worry unduly. Keep yourself healthy and mobile to give yourself the best start to a healthy pregnancy.
  3. Eating for two is actually a myth! (sorry) It’s wise to up your calories, but not excessively and certainly not as much as double! An extra slice of toast/ fruit is actually enough to fulfil your pregnancy requirements. We find this article by the NHS really interesting and helpful.
  4.  Dress to suit your new figure and you’ll feel more confident. When we were pregnant, we had days in which we feel fat and frumpy, this is unfortunately a staple of pregnancy, however, if you dress to suit your new shape and make an effort (we know it can be tough when feeling so exhausted) it really does make a huge difference and you can get your “pregnancy glow” back.
  5. Don’t buy loads of first size nappies. Sound silly? If you give birth to a whopper, they won’t be used. Buy a pack a week, but choose bigger sizes as well as smaller ones. Being prepared is great, wasting money isn’t! Be nappy savvy.

So, that’s a few tips for you. As we’ve said before, take in what you need and shelve the rest. Enjoy your pregnancy and take lots of pictures – you can’t get that time back!

Are you enjoying your pregnancy?

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