Newborn days tend to be a whirl of nappies, visitors, midwife visits and tears. We were not warned about the “baby blues” before our baby arrived so we thought we’d spread the word and reassure you it’s completely normal. It generally appears a day or two following the birth of your beautiful baby. There is no warning, there is no reason, but you will find yourself dissolved in tears – embrace them as they really do help and they do not last forever.

Upon returning home from the hospital, there will be an influx of visitors to your home to meet your new addition. A tip from us – if you’re not up to them, tell them to come another time. You won’t be able to get this time back so make the most of it. Giving birth, whether natural or C-Section is a huge deal, resting is so very important. Yes the house may need hoovering, however, eating, sleeping (as much as you can, when you can) and bonding with your new little lady/ man is much more important. No one will bat an eyelid over the house work; they’ll be applauding you on creating a life!

Another snippet of information we didn’t realise but learnt very early on, cluster feeding – if you’re able to breastfeed (not everyone is) babies tend to feed continuously for a few days/ weeks at a time. Get yourself food/ drink supplies, get the remote and use this time to relax whilst you feed, it can be draining so if you receive offers of being cooked for/ looked after – don’t be afraid (or too proud) to accept it.

You may find yourself doing funny things, trying to put the kettle in the fridge, spoons in the cupboard for instance, you’re not going crazy – you’re without a doubt sleep deprived, it does get easier we promise. Babies don’t come with instruction manuals unfortunately so be guided by your instinct and if in doubt, ask for help.

Have you changed since your experience of motherhood? Is it as you were expecting or a lot easier/ harder?


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