I am exactly 40 weeks pregnant today. I have never been this pregnant before. I gave birth to Thomas at 38 weeks and four days so this is a whole new world for me. I was convinced the baby was going to come before Christmas or in between Christmas and New Year. However, he is still in there and seems to be fairly comfortable!!

jo 40 weeksOne advantage of going to full term is that I have been signed off from consultant led care at my local hospital, meaning I can go to midwife led care when I go into labour. I was was in the high risk area when I gave birth to Thomas so am hoping for a slightly more relaxed birthing experience this time. The baby’s weight is estimated to be about 7lbs, so will probably be born a similar weight to Thomas (he was 6lbs 10oz).

Everything in the house is ready to go for the baby and Thomas has even said ‘I want the baby now mummy’ (if only it was that simple) so I think we are mentally ready to become a family of four. I have a sweep booked in with my midwife tomorrow so am really hoping that works and we have our new addition before the weekend is over. If it does not work, I have another sweep booked in for Tuesday before the word ‘induction’ looms on the horizon. I was induced with Thomas (my waters broke and then nothing happened) so I really want to avoid it at all costs.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my pregnancy diary and I really hope to update you with birth news soon! 🙂

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