With an ever expanding belly and time flying like there’s no tomorrow, the question “have you packed your hospital bag” is one that has some pregnant mums to be crying with sheer frustration. What to pack? What will we need? They aren’t silly questions, after all – you’ve not had a baby before so it’s moving into the unknown.

Don’t panic! We can help!! Here’s our top list of what we’d pack for yourself in those few days at hospital, and we’ll even break them down into before and after.


Energy sweets – no one knows what your labour will entail, how long or short it will be so it’s time to prepare for every eventuality. These are great for little boosts of energy if you’re flagging on little/ no sleep. They’re also good to have in your change bag after birth, however, do check they’re suitable to use if breastfeeding.

Magazine/ book – This is for yourself and your labour partner. There may be times you’re sitting around, so it’s great to take your mind off the impending labour.

Snacks/ drinks – once again, this is just to ensure you’ve got something to fill you up if any waiting is required.

Face wipes – keeping you feeling fresh and cooling you down too. It’s a handy little refreshment for your face and body.

Lip balm – during labour your lips can get really dry. Having a little something to help can only be a good thing!

Following birth:

Maternity pads & Lots of spare underwear: Following the birth, you bleed (a lot) changing your pad regularly can help you feel clean, if you leak (it happens) having spare underwear can make you feel a lot nicer.

Breast pads: When your milk comes in leaking is inevitable.  Having lots of pads to hand can stop it seeping into your clothes.

Comfy trousers/ tops – Jeans are a no no. You don’t want anything pressing into your belly/ hard fabric restricting you. Think jogging bottoms/ pyjamas for comfort, nice and baggy to help you relax and recover.


Babygrows : Size wise, this can be tricky! You’re unsure when packing your bag of the size your newborn will be. Have someone on hand to bring another size if necessary.

Vest:  Bring a selection, if your baby brings up lots of milk/ mucus then these can get dirty very quickly!

Nappies etc: bring a good few with you, depending on how long you’re looking to stay post birth these are very important to have in your bag!

Cotton wool balls: Wipes aren’t generally allowed in the maternity unit and these are a necessity for cleaning those first few nappies.

So, we hope that gives you a little help in packing your bag for hospital. Is there anything else you’ve packed that you think we’ve missed? Let us know!

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