Exercising post birth is really important to your physical and mental health. If this is your first baby, then remember that you’ll have a check up with your GP at about 6 weeks, to make sure you’re physically and mentally well. If you have any concerns about your own health and fitness, this is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns and get advice and support.

Once you’ve been passed fit to exercise again, you can either go back to the activities you were doing, or start carriwell-nursing-swimsuitsomething gentle whilst your body heals itself after the birth of your baby. Don’t do too much too soon, and if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Get help, and advice from friends, pilates instructors, your local gym or swimming instructor. There are so many people to help you.

If you need to find activities suitable for you, then try spogo – an online database of activities in your area. You can even buddy up with others online. Or the BBC have a Get Inspired section, where activities are listed in your area. Whatever it is you do, do it gently to start with, and enjoy it. Exercise and activity can be energising as well as social, so even if you’re getting little sleep with your new little one, you can still benefit from 20 minutes of activity each day.

Remember that gardening, and housework can be fairly active and get your muscles working! There’s also lots of ways you can exercise with your baby. Your local health visitor and baby groups, like the NCT, can offer loads of advice and information on what you can do within your day to get active.

If you’re walking everyday with the pram, then ensure you’re wearing a firm support nursing bra, like the Royce Charlotte or Lauren nursing bra. If you’re doing something a little more energetic, then a sports bra will offer more support to your breasts and keep you comfy, without damaging your breast tissue.

Anita-5523-front-fastening-sports-braIf you’re breastfeeding, you’ll possibly be looking for a sports bra that you can easily breastfeed with. We haven’t found any such nursing sports bra that is good at both things. The closest we’ve come is the Anita front fastening sports bra, which will offer easy access to your breasts after exercise, but is only suitable up to DD-E cup. We’ve yet to find a lady who is breastfeeding whilst running or horse riding, so using the right bra for the right purpose will be more supportive and better for your breast health.

As your body and breasts are changing all the time, if you need advice about sizes and styles of sports bras for pregnancy, breastfeeding, or after, then please use our bra size tool as a starting point. If you need more specific advice, or have particular queries relating to your own situation or exercise regime, then our Bra Lady team are here to help you.


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