Specialist maternity and nursing bra fitters, bras4mums, have launched an online bra size tool to help pregnant and breastfeeding women get the right size bra at each stage of their changing body shape.

bras4mums, which is 10 years old this year, has launched the online bra size tool as a

Hotmilk chic nursing bra
Hotmilk chic 30C-38G

starting point to help women who are often confused and given conflicting information when pregnant. Founder and owner, T-J Hughes, said, “The main problem women have when pregnant and breastfeeding, is understanding what is going to happen to their breast and body shape and how this impacts on the bra size and style they should get. We’ve developed this online tool as a starting point to help answer some of these questions.”

T-J continued, “After almost 10 years of Supporting pregnant and breastfeeding women with the widest range of maternity and nursing bras in the UK, we wanted to offer something different which is accessible at any time of day or night to answer those difficult questions you just need to know the answer to! Our Bra Lady team are here to answer specific questions about bra sizes and styles, as all our bodies are different, and our hormones do different things. Even sisters will often have different experiences during pregnancy, including breast size change.”

The online bra size tool asks each woman some basic questions, and emails them with basic information for that stage in pregnancy or breastfeeding, and what to look out for. An initial bra size to try at this stage is suggested, with the option to contact a trained and experienced bra fitter who understands pregnancy and breastfeeding, and can advise women with specific queries.

bras4mums specialise in stocking the largest range of maternity bras and nursing bras, in the widest sizes available, to ensure that all women are offered different styles for their changing body shapes. Stock items include bra sizes 28 – 50 band and B – L cups, with styles from Hotmilk Lingerie, Royce Lingerie , Cake Lingerie and Bravado Designs – all extremely popular bra manufacturers with pregnant and new Mums.

bras4mums have been offering support to pregnant and breastfeeding women for almost 10 years, as a home fitting service, at Baby shows, and online. The company was set up by Mum of 2, T-J Hughes, when she was sold a nursing bra that fitted one week and not the next when she was breastfeeding baby number 2.

bras4mums offers a home bra fitting service in Lancashire and north Manchester, and in Cambridgeshire through trained Bra Lady network, and supports women across the UK with bra fitting advice and information through the online shop and online bra sizing tool. Advice is given on twitter and facebook, with skype bra fittings increasingly common.

To ask advice from an experienced maternity and nursing bra specialist, contact 0845 373 3875, or [email protected]. More information about bra fitting during pregnancy or breastfeeding is available on the website http://www.bras4mums.co.uk/, via twitter @bras4mums or on Facebook page bras4mumsuk.


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