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Sports bras

Whilst we're specialists in maternity and nursing bras, we recognise that you will also need sports bras to continue with staying fit during your pregnancy, and getting back into your active life after baby has been born. So, we've added a selection of our favourites from our sister site, bras4all.

Sports bras during pregnancy are really important to keep your growing breasts secure as your body and breasts change shape and size. Start with advice on sizes from our bra size tool, but remember that sports bras always fit firmer and your ribs are going to continue growing until the end of pregnancy.

We've yet to meet a Mum who breastfeeds whilst she's horse riding or running, so we recommend a sports bra for sport and a nursing bra for breastfeeding. However, we do know that a lot of women will want a sports bra for walking or if you are returning to exercise with your little one in tow (Buggyfit, Bootcamps etc) and want easy access for breastfeeding if baby decides they are hungry whilst you are out! So, we have introduced the Cake Lingerie Zest Sports Bras which have the nursing clips ensuring you are supported whilst exercising, but also allow easy feeding!

Alternatively, the front fastening sports bra by Anita is also an option for you. However, depending on your size, you may well be limited that way.

Again, start with the bra sizing tool for a starting point for sizes when you're breastfeeding. At this stage you need to remember that your breasts will settle when baby is about 12 weeks old. If you're needing sports bras before this stage, then try them on late on in the day when your breasts will be at their smallest.

We are on hand to offer advice and support regarding styles and sizes throughout pregnancy and beyond for whatever activity or event you're needing a bra for. We're here to help, so please do ask.
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