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Bra Fitting for Breastfeeding

Once your baby has been born, your rib cage will return to it’s pre-pregnancy size (unless a lot of extra weight has been put on, in addition to baby weight). The rib cage starts to reduce in size when reaching term at 37 weeks.

The best time to have a fitting for a nursing bra is about 36 weeks, when your back is at it’s biggest. The bra fitter will make the necessary adjustments, and it is easier to get the fitting done before baby arrives, so that you are ready for feeding. The last thing you need to think about when baby is born, is to go bra shopping!

  1. Ensure the nursing bra is fitted on its loosest fitting (as in a normal bra fitting) to allow for the back to reduce in size, and for wash and wear. This will ensure the bra can be tightened to make it firm, so that it is supporting the breasts

  2. Ensure there is space in the top of the cup for when the milk ‘comes in’. Simply slide your hand under the fabric on the top of the cup to check if there is space for the fabric to be pushed outwards. Remember that breast pads will also take up some of the extra fabric, but this check is usually sufficient.

  3. Check the top of the cup is not pressing on the breast. The fuller the breast, the higher the cup will need to be on the breast, and blocked ducts are less likely to occur. However, if the cup is too big there will be wrinkling in the fabric and the breasts won’t be supported.

  4. Check under the arms. If the cup is too high, it will cause discomfort and chaffing. If it is too low it will press into the breast tissue and milk ducts situated under the arm.

  5. Fit to the larger breast if there is a marked difference in size between the breasts. A filler in the smaller breast may make it more comfortable or discreet when going out. Baby may also prefer one side to the other, which may or may not be your larger breast! This may have an effect on your breast sizes and shape.

Here's a video which we hope helps explain all this more clearly!